Historical Deer Hunting Calendar

2007 Historical Deer Hunting Calendar

The rich history and lore of whitetail deer hunting can be found in a unique Historical Deer Hunting Calendar produced by Jeff Peters of Mellen, Wisconsin.

The 2007 calendar uses a blend of over a dozen historical deer hunting photos from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, original artwork depicting hunting in the ‘good old days,’ venison recipes and numerous facts about whitetail deer.

“I think the combination of the old photos, original artwork and venison recipes really gives this calendar a special look,” said Peters, whose family has hunted the wilds of northern Wisconsin for several generations.

A photographer by trade, Peters said he created the calendar to showcase the historical deer hunting photos. “I personally love to look at old photos. They are important pieces of our past. And deer hunting in this area is one of our greatest and oldest traditions.

“Some of the old photos, which I collected from state historical societies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as private collections, are amazing,” he said.

January’s historical photo, for example, shows a group of deer hunters in the late 1800’s posing in front of a very impressive deer pole with a dozen large deer hanging.

The month of February features an image of a “Northwood’s Monster,” a 60-point non-typical buck harvested on Thanksgiving Day in 1954 in Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Superior by the late Frank Zifko of Ashland.

May has a photo of a group of hardy lumberjacks, who displayed a trophy whitetail for a much appreciated meal of fresh venison. “I imagine logging camp cooks were pretty good at preparing venison,” Peters said.

“It must have been a real luxury to have fresh meat for supper after working in the woods all day.”

The artwork, created by John Boettcher of Park Falls, WI, depicts:
• The hunting camp deer pole
• An old-fashioned deer camp
• Hunters hauling a buck on the hood of an early vintage automobile
• The camp cook preparing a meal for hungry hunters
• A lone hunter tracking a whitetail

All together, there are over a dozen pieces of original artwork adding to the variety of the sepia toned calendar. There are also a dozen “tried-and-true” venison recipes from deer hunters and their wives.

“I get hungry just looking at some of those recipes,” Peters said. “I really feel this calendar will become a collectable to pass down to future generations of deer hunters.

“It would also make a nice addition to any hunting camp or a hunter’s home right next to their deer mounts. There is really lot of information in the calendar.

“It’s interesting to look at the old photos and compare the difference in clothing and types of guns used over 100 years ago.”