Tree Apron


Every hunter must carry a wide variety of necessary items when going afield. Many times there are items you would like to take but simply don’t have the ability. The new TREE APRON solves this dilemma with style and comfort.

JEFF HAJARI, President of TREE APRON put it this way: “This rugged product is a convenient carry-all that lets you take what you need to your hunting area. It has a variety of large pockets to secure all your accessories organized, out of the way and yet in easy reach. The TREE APRON buckles comfortably on your back where it is out of the way so you can easily hike, climb into your treestand and even draw and shoot your bow while wearing it. Additionally, the TREE APRON provides extra support to keep your back straight so you can even pack a treestand resting on the padding. Once in your stand the TREE APRON becomes a comfortable padded seat and back rest.”

The remarkable TREE APRON features:

* A reversible camo/blaze orange hunting vest.
* Adjustable elastic straps and buckles which allow a quick fit for all size hunters.
* Plenty of various sized pockets for your necessary hunting equipment.
* Provides maximum storage and comfort as all the pockets are completely out of the way to accommodate easy maneuvering when wearing it.
* Poly foam padding to provide extra back support, then converts into a comfortable seat with back rest.
* Once in your tree stand, it is easily secured to the tree putting all pockets in reach.
* Covers the tree to help muffle any movement noise.
* Set of hooks and clips inside the shoulder pads on both sides to hang your hunting accessories.

The TREE APRON – Comfort and Convenience Where You Need it.