C.W. Shelton Buck


16 pts

1964 was Kentucky's first deer hunting season in 40 years and the season was only one day long. C. W. Shelton was going to make the most of this one day hunting season, even though it was raining and miserable. About mid afternoon C.W. climbed up into a big old tree to watch a well used game trail. It wasn't long before the buck named "Big Red" was trotting down that same game trail and stopped in an opening only 50 yards away. C. W. pulled up his .44 magnum rifle and got off 4 shots as the buck turned to flee. The huge buck was hit hard and was struggling through the trees and brush with C. W. in hot pursuit firing many more shots as he went. As the huge buck struggled to get up the last time, C. W. fired two more shots for a grand total of 14 rounds. He finally had to finish the job with his knife. Big Red field dressed at 260 pounds and his antlers had an incredible outside spread of 34 4/8 inches. The gross score of this very wide rack is 201 3/8.

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