James Jordan Buck


James Jordan harvested the former B&C No. 1 World record typical buck on November 20, 1914 just south of Danbury, Wisconsin. Held the B&C No. 1 world record for 80 years. The magnificent trophy head was given to a taxidermist, from a nearby town, for mounting. After several months Jim finally went to the taxidermist to retrieve his trophy mount, only to be told that the taxidermist had moved and had not left word on the whereabouts of his trophy. Jim's trophy mount remained lost for 43 years until it turned up at a yard sale in 1958. As luck would have it, a distant relative of Jim's bought the deteriorating trophy mount for $3.00. It wasn't until 1971 that the deer was officially scored and declared the new B&C No. 1 World record with a final gross score of 209 3/8 and a net score of 206 1/8 points. In 1978 James Jordan was officially named as the hunter who harvested this magnificent buck, but sadly Jim had passed away two months before this announcement. The James Jordan buck was the No. 1 World record until 1993 when Milo N. Hanson from Biggar, Saskatchewan harvested an even larger buck, with a net typical score of 213-5/8.

B&C No. 2 World Record Typical
10 pts
November 20,1914

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