Venison Summer Sausage 2

Author: Administrator Whitetails

Submitted by: Sheila Boman
From: Edenville, MI

2 lbs. ground venison
3-tbls. Morton's tender quick salt
2-tbls. Ground mustard
1/2-tsp. Garlic powder
1-tsp. Ground pepper
1/2-tsp. Marjoram
1/4-tsp. Sage
1/2-tsp. Liquid smoke
1/2-Cup Water
Preparation: Mix all ingredients well, shape into 1/2lb or 1lb logs. Wrap tightly in foil, refrigerate for 3 days. Remove from fridge; place in deep pan or pot. Cover with cold water, bring to boil. Boil lightly for 1 hour. Checking liquid often add as needed.

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