Calls-M-All Game Call


The Calls-M-All Performs it All!

The Calls M All game call claims to be one of the most versatile and realistic bite and blow game call in the world.
The call claims to effectively lure
Elk, Deer, Turkey, Predator, Antelope, Coyote, Waterfowl, Quail, Chukar, Coon, and Large Predators.

The call is compact and easy to transport.  While the overall appearance of the call seems quite simple at first glance (comprised of molded plastic and standard rubber bands) the functionality of the call and sounds which it reproduces are amazing.

On Arrival

Our Calls-M-All call arrived with all of the items shown to the left: Game Call, Neck Strap, Band Replacement Kit, Instructional DVD and Instructional CD (the standard package comes only with the call, neck strap and two extra rubber bands).  The call was safely packaged in a plastic bag with printed instructional tag.

Product Quality
The lightweight call is constructed of molded plastic and has 4 different surfaces which are used to call various game.  The key to the call lies within mainly the rubber band system which vibrates and produces different frequencies as air is passed over them.  The simple design of this product makes it very structurally sound and durable for those demanding days in the field.  Call systems using rubber bands were used more frequently in the past, but has become somewhat of a lost practice until the Calls-M-All.  The rubber bands used on this sytem are mainly standard rubber bands found in any office- making it very easy in inexpensive to maintain.  The bands on the system will last you quite a while before they need to be replaced, and a complete band replacement kit will only cost you about $2.

Ease of Use & Results
The call has several different surfaces which allows the user to call a wide variety of game.  When we say variety, we mean it also.  This call can call everything from deer, to elk, to predators, to prong horn, upland game birds and more!  The convenience of having all of these calls in one unit makes it very appealing to the hunter in the fact that they do not have to worry about clanging around in the field with several calls on their lanyard.  Furthermore, the call produces not only one type of call for a species, but a full gambit of calls.  For example, it produces not only the typical grunt calls of the deer, but also a scraping call and more.  We initially thought that there may be a large number of rubber bands of various widths and thicknessess which may have to be changed all the time in order to attract the intended game, however that was not the case.  This case only requires that a wider (deeper sounding) rubber band replace the standard band on the large end of the call for one specific call type (grunts).  Furthermore, having this larger band temporarily on the call does not affect the results of any of the other 3 calling surfaces on the product- they all work independently.

The instructions on the packaging of the call give instructions on how to use it.  While these instructions are given, we found that the unique techniques used by the call are best understood through watching the optional DVD.  In the DVD, the creator explains the call, shows the techniques in practice and shows live footage of animals in the wild responding to the Calls-M-All.  The video is very thorough (overly at times in its over 2 hours in length) but is very useful to a first time user of the call.  We found it very helpful as it saved us much time and frustration in learning the system.  Additionally, we may not have missed some of the offerings of the product or possibly miss-performed them without the visual instruction of the DVD.

Overall, the call worked very well in our tests.  The sounds produced were very realistic and did call game (we tested it on deer and predator).  Furthermore, the field tests performed in the company's DVD video revealed very impressive results on wild game.  We would highly recommend this product for all hunters.  Its simplicity and wide array of features makes it a mainstay product which all hunters should have, and the low cost of this one product is less than the cost of many single grunt calls.

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