CARGORAILS - When was the last time you complained about having TOO many tie down points in your truck bed?

The pick-up trucks of today have more features and more luxuries than ever before. But isn't it odd that today's pick-up trucks have half-a-dozen cup holders for your coffee, but no good way to tie down the things you haul in back? After all, isn't that why you bought a pick-up? To haul things?

Finally, the option Detroit forgot for the guy who actually uses his truck to haul things.

CARGORAILS will generally fit any truck, trailer or van that has a flat mounting surface capable of accepting sheet metal fasteners or bolts. The lengths listed here generally show the maximum lengths that will work with your truck. A shorter length than recommended should work equally well but will provide a lesser number of anchor points and locations. CARGORAILS can be cut to custom lengths for special applications.

Our test Cargorails arrived, the packaging was pretty beat up, but the Cargorails and hardware were in perfect condition.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Cargorails were more heavy duty than I expected. They should work for all of your hauling needs. The Cargorails are reasonably easy to install. The tools that are required should be found in most home work shops. The Cargo rails come with detailed instructions. The short version is: clamp the rails in place, mark and drill holes and install hardware. It is pretty straightforward. The Cargorails increase your tie down options by approximately thirty times. If you can't tie it down with the Cargorails, you probably shouldn't be hauling it.

The Cargorails are everything that they say they are.

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