The"RACKULATOR" is the world's only electronic calculating big game antler and horn scoring tool. Simply by using the electronic tape measure and rolling the electronic wheel, score your trophy only once and it will calculate seven final scores in different scoring systems and categories, (typical or non-typical), at the push of the score button.

The "RACKULATOR" will score antlered or horned big game animals quickly and easily. It measures, calculates and displays the total score of the left side, right side, inside spread, each tine, circumferences and beams. The "RACKULATOR" totally eliminates potential for mathematical errors and revolutionizes the scoring process.

Our test Rackulator arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. I was very impressed by by the packaging and the appearance of the Rackulator.

The Rackulator is easy to use and is very user friendly. The instructions are easy to understand and are quite thorough. Pressing any button will turn on the Rackulator. It turns off automatically after approximately seven minutes of disuse. No data is lost if this happens - when turned back on all measurements are maintained. The Rackulator takes you step by step through every measurement. The screen will prompt you along as you are scoring your trophy. Either the tape or the roller wheel tabulates the measurement. Then when you are all done with the measurements just press score and it gives you the total score. The Rackulator comes with instruction cards for whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, antelope and sheep. Have you ever wondered how much your trophies score. Now you can score them yourself.

The Rackulator is everything that they say it is.

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