Wax Shield

WaxShield is a single, easy to use product that cleans and protects the wood, metal and composite parts of all firearm types.

Our product removes powder residue, dirt, oily build-ups and other harmful contaminants extending the life of your weapon. Waxshield leaves a totally dry protective finish that repels water and prevents rust without the noxious odor or waxy build-up.

Only small amounts of our product are needed to completely clean and protect your weapon. If used correctly, our product will go twice as far as most of our competitors. WaxShield is all the cleaner and protection your gun will ever need.

Our test WaxShield products arrived well packaged and in perfect condition.

The testing of the WaxShield went very smooth. As a test subject I chose my Remington, Model 700, 7mm Mag. I used small amounts of WaxShield as recommended. I used a rod and brush and then patches with WaxShield on the bore. I then used clean patches until the bore was clean. I used Waxshield on all the metal and synthetic parts. I was totally impressed by the amount of dirt and fouling that came off my rifle. I didn't think my rifle was any where near that dirty. I am very happy with the way WaxShield cleaned my rifle.

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