Whitetail Pro Log

Whitetail Pro Log

Whitetail Pro Log is designed to store and manage your whitetail harvest data and trail cam photos.
Installation of software 
The program can be installed easily with very little difficulty. You do not need to be a a computer expert to do it. Basically the program will tell you what to do step by step and all you have to do is follow it.

Once the software is loaded it will give you a customer setup page which you can personalize with your name, address, etc. You can even put a club logo or personal picture which will show whenever you print out a data sheet or chart - which will make it look rather professional.

On the harvest data sheet it enables you to upload a picture of your harvest which inhances the data sheet. Another option on the same page is (if your harvest is a buck) you can score it by just measuring and filling in the blanks.  Then by the click of a mouse it will add for you. 

The program is very easy to navigate. You can add new data, view and edit existing data, manage your trail cam photos and even print out graph charts showing deer weight,age, antler dimensions, etc. 

Furthermore, you can access your My documents or My computer without leaving the program which is a very nice feature, especially if you have files or pictures saved. The program enables you to go back and referance old harvest data by using the search page. That is helpful in it's self because the harvest data will have wind direction, temperature and other specifics that you might want to enter for future referance.

Final remarks

Overall a great piece of software- I only wish I had this software 16 years ago when I started hunting whitetail. This is a very user friendly resource that every hunter should take advantage of. We highly recommend this product to any hunter, it is a must have item. 

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