Wing 'N Tine 1 DVD

Wing 'N Tine
Wing 'N Tine 1 Aims to Please!

Wing 'N Tine 1 is a dvd that producing company Ollar Outdoors spent over three years and 10,000 man hours making.  This dvd gives refreshing variety by featuring several different species of game, rather than just one.

Upon Arrival
The dvd arrived well packaged at our office and showed no signs of damage during shipment.  While this is Ollar Outdoor's first full length dvd, there was nothing about it that showed it.  Packaging, descriptions and features were all top-notch and looked as though an ole pro had created it.

The first thing you'll notice when sitting down to watch this movie is that it has a very personal affect to it- like it's your buddies on the screen telling you about their hunt.  The men involved in the video all introduce themselves and give a very nice story of how and why they created this video.

As you watch the hunts you see the men bring in some very nice bucks, ranging from 135" to a 157" monster!  The video is a very pleasant one which is easy to follow and does not use all those fancy and artsy video styles packed full with those big graphics (like other dvd's).  Its clear that the intent of this dvd is to feature 12 quality hunts and not try to oversell it with all the fancy extras- which I sometimes think is distracting. 

The video is shot by the hunters in the video, and therefore there are times when the camera will shake a bit (and they'll even mention this in the intro), but it is not hardly noticeable.  The hunts themselves are well captured showing you good shots fo the animal.  There were a couple of moments when it would have been nice to see some tighter views of the animal, but overall it was of good quality.

This video is a first time offering by Ollar Outdoors - but a quality one.  This is a no frills dvd that gets down to the core of hunting.  It shows some good hunts of deer, as well as waterfowl.  The quality of the video itself is quite good.  As mentioned, there are some camera shakes and moments when better views of the animal are desired, but overall a very enjoyable watch.  The most charming feature of the video, in my opinion, was that I felt like I was watching a couple of my own buddies on the screen telling me about their hunting trip.  Many times hunting shows are not able to incorporate this feeling, but this one was (I suppose that's because it was made by all close friends over the course of 3 years). Rating
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