The First Whitetail Buck


I started hunting about three years ago. The first time I sat in a tree stand, I was hooked! The first year I only gun hunted and didn’t have much luck. My second year was a great learning experience. I bought an older PSE compound bow off of eBay and got it set up and sighted in. I spent several days during the archery season sitting in a tree stand and learned a lot. I saw more deer then I’ve ever seen before and realized that archery hunting was the way to go. I didn’t get a deer with my bow the first year archery hunting either, but I did end up shooting a nice doe on the last day of gun season. It was my first deer and I was happy.

This is my third year hunting. I decided it was time to upgrade bows, so I bought a new Hoyt UltraMag and got it set up and sighted in. I took it out in the field after about a week of practice. I love this bow!!! On Friday, October 28th, I got out in my tree stand around 9 am (very late start). After sitting for about an hour and a half I heard some movement in the trees. I could see a deer coming, but couldn’t tell if it was a buck or a doe. It came out into an area that had some tree cover, but I could tell it was a buck and not a bad one. I got ready for the shot. There were a few branches in the way, but I thought I could take a shot through them. He stopped, I released. He jumped a little bit and took a couple of steps and started looking around. I knew I didn’t hit him because I could see that my arrow had stuck in the ground right were he had been standing. Apparently, I hit a branch and my arrow deflected straight down. By now, buck fever had set in. I was shaking so bad that I couldn’t get another arrow out of my quiver. I have one of those bag type quivers that all the arrows just drop in and are not held in place by anything. Every time I’d try to pull another arrow out, it sounded like I was rattling my rattle bag. The buck didn’t run off, he just continued his leisurely walk through the woods. By the time I got another arrow loaded, he was too far away to take a shot. I sat there, kind of disappointed, for a couple more hours and didn’t see anything else.

The next morning, I went out there again. This time I was in my stand about an hour before sunrise. I was doing some calling and some rattling and had some doe estrus sent wafers out. I know the rut hasn’t kicked off yet, but they seemed to be working; I believe that’s what brought the buck in the day before. Just after 8 am I heard something walking through the woods. I wasn’t for sure if it was a deer or not, it sounded like it might be. I stood up and got my release ready and waited. The next thing I saw was a decent buck walking straight toward my stand. I waited until he got behind a tree and drew back. This time he stopped in one of the only open shooting lanes I had on that side of my stand. I released and it was like I was watching it in slow motion. I watched as my arrow hit the target right in the shoulder. He jumped and bolted! I watched as he stopped about 30 yards behind my stand. He was staggering and started to tumble. He was down!!! My first buck was down and he only ran about 30 yards. I was so excited. I called my wife, my brothers, and all my hunting buddies to tell them the news. I still hadn’t gotten down from my stand; it had only been about 5 minutes since I shot him. I knew I had to keep being quite so I didn’t spook him back up and have to track him. The next 45 minutes seemed like an eternity. I didn’t know how big he was, I was guessing he was about a six point. I was even more excited when I finally got to him. He ended up being an eleven point (10 points with a kicker). He field dressed at 120lbs. Not a huge buck, but it was my first buck. Not only my first buck, but my first deer with a bow!

I was torn on whether or not to have him mounted. He has some sort of big tumor or something under his left eye which I didn’t notice until I started looking at him again. I was told that a good taxidermist could probably have taken care of that, but I decided not to have him mounted. I’ll mount his antlers on the wall though.

Well that is my story. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed reading other hunters stories. Here is a picture of my trophy and if anyone is interested in seeing the disgusting tumor like thing that was on his eye, just send me an email at I would also like to say the Hoyt UltraMag did the job with those muzzy broad heads!

By Billy Cluck

Stillwater, OK

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