Hunting is My Life


I am in the United States Navy. I have web site set as my default internet site. There is nothing better than every time you open your internet you see whitetails on your computer. No matter where you are. I mean 300 miles out to sea or in the Persian Gulf waiting for a break from the action. You know there are no deer in the ocean or on the banks of Iraq but it sure is nice to be able to get on the computer and dream. I am shore side now and have missed the last three hunting seasons in a row as well as my birthday's and 2 Christmas's.

Hunting is my life. I was raised from a little boy on hunting. The first memory I have of hunting was my dad sitting me in the tree stand with him when I was three years old. I sat as still as a three year old is to be expected. Needless to say we didn't see any deer but I still remember the squirrel that climbed down our tree. My next memory was when I was about 8 and my dad sat me in a tree stand next to him about 25 yards away. I was so nervous I was making owl calls so no bear would think I was food, Again, no deer. When I was 11 my dad bought me my first bow. I started practicing with my dad and my uncles on a regular basis that year until the magic time came when I sat in my first tree stand with my very own bow. I still remember the name my dad gave the tree stand, the Hilton. I saw so many deer that day. I shot all my arrows. I hit a 4 point buck in the hoof. That day was the day I first found out what buck fever was all about. I was hooked. There is nothing better than the rush you get just by hearing those magic hoof falls from the elusive whitetail deer. As I sit here and write about it and reminisce I get home sick for the woods. I actually get tears to my eyes. I miss it so badly.

I got my very first deer when I was 12. I shot a young doe in the spine and she dropped in her tracks. I couldn't even stand up after that. I was the youngest Vermillion in our family to ever harvest a deer with their bow. I am so proud of that fact. I have not shot a buck with my bow and am still looking forward to the day when I can. I shot a nice 8 point with my rifle but it isn't the same. I guess I got my share of deer over the years before I joined the Navy. I have been in the Navy now six years and only have got to go hunting maybe three days the whole six years.

I now have a family and six kids, mine, hers, and ours. Kinda the Brady bunch but I love them all. It's hard to find the time or money now to hunt but it is aching me every minute of everyday. I always think of it. I am obsessed. I have been thinking of a guided hunt on some ranch but who am I kidding. I have no money for anything. My bow is dusty in my closet and my camouflage is who knows where. There would be nothing I would love more than to be able to sit in the woods one more time and hear the footfalls of those lovely animals and to maybe be able to draw my bow on a nice buck. Who knows what the outcome would be. I wouldn't care even if I didn't get to shoot, just to hear and see them and the woods again is allI dream about. God I can smell the leaves, the pine, and the dirt of the mountains. If only.................

If anyone reads this, thanks for lending me your ear. I am aching here and needed to let that out. I know it isn't going to help me until I am able to get in the woods again, but I can't talk to my wife about it, she hates hunting but lets me do it when I can. Thanks again,

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